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19.2. Bootstrapping RPM On Other Operating Systems

If you cannot find a version of RPM that has been ported to your platform, you can port it yourself. The RPM system usually isn’t that hard to port to any platform that can appear like Unix or Linux systems, such as any platform that supports POSIX system calls or something like these system calls.
Don’t be dismayed by the sheer size of the RPM package. Much of the RPM system was carefully designed to run across multiple platforms, so file access is abstracted to special portability routines. For example, RPM has been ported to both AmigaOS and BeOS, two non-Unix operating systems.

19.2.1. Downloading the RPM software

To bootstrap RPM on another operating system, download the RPM source code from the main RPM site.
Cross Reference
You can download the RPM source code from
Note that you probably do not want to download an RPM of the sources, since your platform won’t have RPM available. In most cases, you’ll want to download a tarred compressed archive, such as rpm-4.1.tar.gz for RPM version 4.1.