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20.2. Configuring RPM Settings

RPM includes hundreds of settings based on your current system architecture, environment, and which version of the RPM system you have installed. The old settings, called rc or rpmrc settings, are gradually being phased out by the newer, more consistent and more powerful macros.
You can still edit the rc settings, but in most cases you should edit macros instead.

20.2.1. Viewing the current settings

To view the current settings, use the --showrc command-line option:
$ rpm –showrc
build arch : i386
compatible build archs: i686 i586 i486 i386 noarch
build os : Linux
compatible build os's : Linux
install arch : i686
install os : Linux
compatible archs : i686 i586 i486 i386 noarch
compatible os's : Linux
macrofiles : /usr/lib/rpm/macros:/usr/lib/rpm/i686-linux/macros:/etc/
optflags : -O2 -march=i686
This command displays the architecture and operating system information first, and then lists all the rpmrc values, shown here truncated for space.