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15.3.5. Closing RPM files

When you’re done with an RPM file, close it with Fclose:
int Fclose(FD_t fd);
Fclose acts much like the standard C function fclose(3). The FD_t is an RPM data type that is very similar to a FILE pointer.
The RPM I/O subsystem, defined with rpmio.h, includes functions that mimic (and in most cases wrap) the ANSI C stdio functions. These include: Fopen, Fclose, Fread, Fwrite, Ferror, Fflush, Fileno, and Fseek.
These functions wrap the ANSI C stdio functions to add new features. The Fopen function, for example, supports HTTP or FTP URLs in the place of a file name, so long as you append ".ufdio" to the mode.