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7.2.4. Gnome-RPM

The GNOME Desktop ( provides another graphical RPM-management tool, Gnome-RPM. Also known as gnorpm, Gnome-RPM is very similar to KPackage in terms of its basic functionality, although Gnome-RPM can manage only RPMs.
When started, Gnome-RPM presents a hierarchical list of installed packages, arranged by group, as shown in Figure 8-10:
Insert 54965-0 fg0810.tif
Figure 8-10: The main Gnome-RPM window.
After a specific package has been selected, you can can query to see its details, as shown in Figure 8-11:
Insert 54965-0 fg0811.tif
Figure 78-11: Querying the details for a package.
With Gnome-RPM, you can also filter the list of packages to see only the list of uninstalled RPMs, as shown in Figure 8-12.
Insert 54965-0 fg0812.tif
Figure 78-12: Filtering to see only the uninstalled packages.
Like KPackage, when installing new software, Gnome-RPM lacks the ability to automatically install any dependencies needed by that software.