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Publishing books, articles, papers and multi-volume sets with DocBook XML

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Debian and Docker installation instructions 

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Legal Notice

Copyright © 2013 Red Hat, Inc This material may only be distributed subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL), V1.2 or later (the latest version is presently available at


This book will help you install Publican. It also provides instructions for using Publican to create and publish DocBook XML-based books, articles and book sets. This guide assumes that you are already familiar with DocBook XML.
1. Document Conventions
1.1. Typographic Conventions
1.2. Pull-quote Conventions
1.3. Notes and Warnings
2. We Need Feedback!
1. Installing Publican
1.1. Linux operating systems
1.1.1. Fedora
1.1.2. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
1.1.3. Ubuntu
1.1.4. Debian
1.1.5. OpenSuse 12
1.1.6. Docker container
1.2. Windows operating systems
1.3. OSX Lion
2. Publican defaults
2.1. Publican default examples
3. Publican commands
3.1. Command options
3.2. Actions
4. Creating a document
4.1. Files in the book directory
4.1.1. The publican.cfg file
4.1.2. Book_Info.xml
4.1.3. Author_Group.xml
4.1.4. Chapter.xml
4.1.5. Doc_Name.xml
4.1.6. Doc_Name.ent
4.1.7. Revision_History.xml
4.2. Adding images
4.3. Adding code samples
4.4. Adding files
4.5. Renaming a document
4.6. Translating a document
4.6.1. Translation Author Group
4.6.2. Translating Indexes and Glossaries
4.7. Building a document
4.7.1. Building a document without validation
4.8. Packaging a document
4.8.1. Types of RPM packages
4.8.2. The $ publican package command
4.9. Conditional tagging
4.9.1. Conditional tagging and translation
4.10. Pre-release software and draft documentation
4.10.1. Denoting pre-release software
4.10.2. Denoting draft documentation
4.10.3. Denoting draft documentation of pre-release software
5. Branding
5.1. Installing a brand
5.2. Creating a brand
5.3. Files in the brand directory
5.3.1. The publican.cfg file
5.3.2. The defaults.cfg file and overrides.cfg file
5.3.3. publican-brand.spec file
5.3.4. README
5.3.5. COPYING
5.3.6. Common Content for the brand
5.3.7. The css subdirectory
5.3.8. The images subdirectory
5.3.9. The brand_dir option
5.4. Packaging a brand
6. Using sets
6.1. Stand-alone sets
6.2. Distributed sets
7. Building a website with Publican
7.1. Building a website manually
7.1.1. Creating the website structure
7.1.2. Creating, installing, and updating the home page
7.1.3. Creating, installing, and updating product pages and version pages
7.1.4. Installing, updating, and removing documents
7.2. Building a website using RPM packages
7.2.1. Creating the website structure
7.2.2. Creating, installing, and updating the home page
7.2.3. Creating, installing, and updating product pages and version pages
7.2.4. Installing, updating and removing documents
7.3. Submitting Your Sitemap to Search Engines
7.3.1. Submitting Your Sitemap to Google.
7.3.2. Submitting Your Sitemap to Bing.
8. Import book into Drupal
8.1. How to build a CSV file for Drupal import
8.2. The publican.cfg file
8.3. Drupal Import Guide
8.3.1. How to add a menu block
8.3.2. Setting up Node import
8.3.3. How to import book
8.3.4. How to update book
9. Frequently Asked Questions
A. Disallowed elements and attributes
A.1. Disallowed elements
A.2. Disallowed attributes
B. Command summary
B.1. Internal commands
C. publican.cfg parameters
D. Alphabetical index of publican.cfg parameters
E. Contents of the website dump file
E.1. Computing URLs from the dump file
F. Sample spec file for desktop menu package
G. Language codes
H. Revision History