Chapter 2. Publican defaults

Users can set their own default values for Publican in ~/.publican.cfg. Currently, Publican supports the following values:


This file is completely different to publican.cfg that is used to build a book. It does not accept the same parameters.

1. Publican default examples

Users can set formats, lang, and langs to their standard build parameters.

Example 2.1. Setting formats and lang

$ echo 'formats: "html,html-single,pdf,txt"' >> ~/.publican.cfg
$ echo 'langs: "en-US"' >> ~/.publican.cfg
$ publican build
Setting up en-US
 Finished txt

Publican 3.0 allows you to add a revision history entry from the command line. You can set your user details in ~/.publican.cfg.

Example 2.2. Setting user details

$ echo 'firstname: "Dude"' >> ~/.publican.cfg 
$ echo 'surname: "McPants"' >> ~/.publican.cfg 
$ echo 'email: ""' >> ~/.publican.cfg 
$ publican add_revision --member "Updated examples in chapter 2." \
--member "Removed obsolete example in sect 4.1"